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Dien Rice
November 8, 2022, 05:16 PM
Hi Millard,

Yes, you are one of the people on the forum who has IMMENSE stored value!

What you have is still immensely valuable...

There are many ways you can make use of it... Such as...

- Sell individual copies of your works...
- License them out to someone else, for them to use or sell
- Sell the rights (non-exclusively or exclusively)
- Use them as "bonuses" to help make sales for other works
- Use them as the basis for a membership website

Another model, which I've only become aware of recently, is to license out your successful business model to others in the industry...

This is what Alex Hormozi did with his "Gym Launch" business.

He created a small string of successful gyms... Then he "licensed" out his model to other gyms.

Essentially, from what I can tell, in his case it means providing an instructional and coaching service to other gyms... But doing it under a "licensing" model...

Kind of like the "franchise" model, except (as far as I know) he takes no ownership in the businesses of his gym-owner customers...

Nowadays, Bob Serling teaches something similar... I think Bob Serling calls it licensing your business's intellectual property... In this case, by "intellectual property" he's not referring patents, copyrights, secrets formulas, etc. Instead, he's referring to business processes, systems, training, sales methods, etc., that you've developed...

Of course, I'd love to hear how it goes! :)

- Dien

Thanks Dien for reminding me about all the "stored value" in the knowledge I possess about my performing career.

Just today someone was asking to purchase ALL of my courses, plus my 26 week course on performing.

Ha ! Now I just need to come up with a price. :)

I actually think it might be better to just set up a licensing deal for him to use my material for his career.

Maybe just coach him!

I already emailed him back as to what he wants to accomplish with ALL my materials.

We'll see.

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