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December 21, 2006, 05:02 PM
This thread started by saying THREE SOWPUBBERS have taken the most important...........,
Would it be fair to ask how they are doing with it?

To answer your question on what comp priced homes I would put on the back...

It would be other members of the program not limited to one particular firm.
If it was limited to only one brokerage's other homes, it wouldn't be long before they didn't need you anymore and just ran these in house for the same price they are currently paying for copies.

Thus no need for you!!!

Don may not have seen this as there have been several posts since your earlier one. You may need to start a new thread and address the question to him by name to get a response.

Drudging this thread up again..... i liked jason's ideas for the use of the back of the sheets. (for the column of "similar priced homes", would you ask for the agents'/brokerage's other homes, or would you place the homes of OTHER agents who have signed up for your program? << maybe an extra profit if you're an agent as well?).
Don, any input to your use of the use of ADS on the back? and how they would make the potential customer NOT put it down/throw it out? I'd be interested in hearing.

Is the "box" outside the only fate you see for this printing? How about having the agent use them at : the brokerage office, their mall kiosks,......(KEEP ADDING PLEASE)

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