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December 3, 2006, 12:44 AM
Bob: I'm sure someone is selling sunglasses somewhere at a gun show. No doubt. There's a blue blocker seller on every corner of my town. And I'm sure they have migrated to Gun shows. The thing is I have never seen a SG vendor at a gun show. I have seen Shooting Eyewear vendors who sell sunglasses. But never a regular ole sunglass vendor.

But think about this...... you are trying to maximize your profit at gun shows. Who is the consumer? A person who wants to buy gun related items. I've seen dealers selling shooting glasses. $50 bucks a pop and up. They are maybe paying $15 bucks a pop for $50 glasses. But you still have to pay for the eyewear..... If you decide to sell sunglasses you still have to PAY for the inventory.....

Even in your business you still have to buy gadgets to sell. If you have a credit account they still have to be paid for at some point. They don't produce themselves.....

Software - Once you've bought the resell rights the only cost you have is putting it onto a cd. Make up some marketing promos and have at it. You don't have to send a check to the widget co. for some more widgets........

Write it yourself or buy it from someone else...... The profit is tremendous.....

At a gun show put a sunglass vendor next to a gun collection software vendor and see who's smiling on Sunday afternoon.


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