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December 4, 2006, 03:42 AM

Thanks for explaining some more.

I guess that's the difference between Australia and the US...

We NOW need a Permit To Buy for each firearm we want to buy, which is issued by the police. And I guess if They deem you have enough weapons you won't be issued any more permits. Heck, we even need a permit for an Antique firearm which has been Disabled - just because it's a firearm nessitates the need for a permit (air rifles are included, as are BB guns!). And Plastic Replicas are Banned from sale. Grrrr.

I can certainly Understand, with a firearm's accessibility, that people Would have a Collection - guns and knives and other weapons. (BTW, Stun Guns are also illegal in this country - although - they are NOW being issued to police.)

Michael Ross

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