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Hugh Gaugler
December 14, 2006, 11:52 PM
A person gets bored when they have nothing that they are interested in.

Boredom = lack of interest.

The way you beat boredom is to get interested in something.

You see, you have the power to be INTERESTED . . . just as you have the power to be BORED.

It's simply a choice.

One might think "Nothing interests me." But that's wrong-headed . . . looking for some outside source to act as a "cause" that generates interest from you.

Interest comes from YOU being interested, not from something outside of you being interesting. (It may SEEM that way, but it's only interesting to you because YOU are interested in it . . . NOT the other way around.)

Nothing has any real power to be "interesting" to you. But YOU have the power to be "interested" in anything. Boredom is simply the result of you failing to exercise that power.

You can become interested in anything at any time. It's just a decision.

So, find something to be interested in, and you will no longer be bored.

And that's how to beat boredom.

It works EVERY time!

---- Hugh

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