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Dien Rice
December 21, 2006, 12:01 AM
Alright, Dien, DUCK! Buffalo chips (dung) is flying to all those duh Americans. Any American who doesn't realize that buffalo chips were largely responsible for the survival of many pioneers doesn't know their own history.

Buffalo chips (dung) were used for heating and cooking by pioneers on the prairies where buffalo used to be plentiful and wood was almost unheard of.

End of history lesson, folks. LOL
That's a fascinating lesson!

I (like probably many others) had no idea that "buffalo chips" were used by the pioneers for heating and cooking... (They never showed this on "Gunsmoke"! I've been watching reruns on cable... Somehow, Matt Dillon looking around for buffalo dung to build a fire while he's off chasing a suspected killer across the plains doesn't fit his "gung ho" image... :) )

Also, if anyone ever gives me a packet of "buffalo chips" - I'll know not to eat it! ;)

Thanks, Sandi!


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