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December 14, 2006, 07:00 AM

Thanks for explaining more about what you Don't want.

If you don't like answers, maybe you shouldn't ask questions.

YOU Asked, I gave an Answer. It might not have been to Your liking, but it was Still an anwer to your question. No need to call my answer "garble" just because you didn't like it.

Is your business busy or slow? One post you complain of what to do when it is slow, but now you Defend by saying you are Too Busy. And you weren't Discussing anything. You were Asking for aswers. And I gave you mine.

Here's the thing with being Bored...

NOT ALL teachers, police, radio advertising sales guys, etc., get bored with their Jobs. Maybe they see them as More than jobs. Maybe YOU need to see if you think of your business/job as Just a Job or not. And if it is Just A Job, then maybe, for your own mental satisfaction, you need to Move On. If you are Bored with your business you will Not put your heart into it and it Will flounder.

Regarding Other boredom... there is so much to learn and do in this world, from learning new trade skills, hobby skills, musical instrument skills, and so on, it would take Twenty Lifetimes and you Still could NOT learn it all. So there is No Excuse for Being Bored.

Maybe - ANKESH, are you listening... still have that link? - you need to read "Success Is Just One Wish Away" and you won't be Bored any more. And your business will be too busy for real - in the sense you won't have time to be bored.

Either way, if it just ain't floating your boat any more, why subject yourself to the constant dis-satisfaction? Why not move on?

Michael Ross

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