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February 25, 2007, 11:51 AM
Web 2.0

Are you ready? Here's my take. Feel free to disagree.

If you had a product to sell, a real one, not a virtual one...like a water purifier for example...

Which would you rather have...a team of Salespeople selling directly to the customers OR a Web Site that sold your product?

There is NO right or wrong answer, your opinion is wanted. I'm going to share mine.

Before I get into it, some food for thought:

Derek Gehl took over Internet Marketing Center (IMC) when Corey Rudl passed away in a race car accident (we should all be so lucky to go out doing something we love doing like Corey did). The IMC has made over 60 million dollars in the last 10 years, and is, I believe, one of the larger and more successful Internet marketing companies...with a REAL product that gets shipped out.

You could probably name several more, but consider that Rodale, Time-Warner, Publishers Clearinghouse, SCI, AARP, Credit card companies, banks, publishers...yada, yada, yada...

many of whom will take in 60 MILLION dollars in the next few months...and do that amount every year...YEAR after YEAR after YEAR...well,

It just makes me wonder...that's all, makes me think about the REAL world out there...cause sometimes, I forget it exists as I'm focused on this screen in front of me.

I was down in Canton, Ohio the other day and I drove by several companies including London's Candies, Hoover, Timken, Suarez Corporation Industries, Universal-Syndications, James Direct, Fitness Quest, NCP Marketing Group (Billy Blanks and Taebo)...

and several other companies...and these all SELL products. Sweepers, Ball Bearings, Chocolates, Heaters, Jewelry, Collectibles, Books, Exercise equipment, DVD, audio programs...all kinds of products.

And I noticed their PARKING lots were full. In fact I was surprised because a couple of these were PACKED with no place to park...some off line brick and mortar businesses must be doing pretty well.

Friends, my point is this: Just because you "live" online, look around your home and see how many products you bought from a real person.

AH. Web 2.0.

It is in MY opinion bringing the CONNECTION between people back...the so-called High Tech-High Touch that John Naisbitt wrote of in his 1982 best seller, MegaTrends.

And it is also my opinion we have just seen the beginning of PEOPLE TO PEOPLE marketing done online.

You might want to cut and paste that into a document and ponder on it for awhile.

You've seen the video testimonials at scores of sites.

WEB 2.0 is going to put the SALESMAN back in front of the PROSPECT (another keeper).

Real Time Connection...your question...my answer. Your INTEREST, my SALESMANSHIP...no longer in "print" as a letter (or screen)...

BUT with all my ability to persuade, control, lead, influence, manipulate, encourage, cajole and get you to say YES to my offer.

Isn't that what Internet Marketers have been trying to do for the last decade...lead you through either a long winded, multi-page sales "letter" or to cut to the chase and say...here it is, buy it now (for a good reason)? They have been trying to get your YESes, and some copywriters have made fortunes with their "salesmanship in print".

How will YOUR online promotion, your web site stand up against MY directly competing WEB 2.0 site? How will your sales of that Water Purifier compare to mine, where a prospect gets a LIVE person...in real time...and has all her questions answered...all her objections addressed, all her reluctance to buy taken care of...

OF course, your well targeted NICHE web site, with a quality OFFER (salespage) will probably continue to make you sales. But some of those companies I mentioned above already have DOZENS of people at desks, on the PHONE...ready to take your credit card number...

And I think a few of them may very soon have the ability to have those "operators standing by" types...armed with professionally crafted sales script on the wall...and TALK directly to you and SEE you and.... well...

USE SALESMANSHIP at it's most effective level...person to person.

Web 2.0 is that: PERSON TO PERSON.

Same TARGET niche, say those searching for Water Purifiers. Your google ad against mine. My PEOPLE ready 24/7 to answer your questions, to 'guide' you, to take your money and make you a satisfied customer.

And write this down. Before the year is out, there will be DIRECT MAIL solicitations that take you ONLINE to a real person.

I think it was Gary Halbert who wrote many years ago...and I'm paraphrasing from memory...that the object of your web site was to get people OFF line and to get them to deal with YOU (your sales team) DIRECTLY...

and the next huge Direct Marketing Revolution will be to get you to GO ONLINE, where you can CONNECT WITH ANOTHER HUMAN being...
and there will be windfalls made in record breaking time...just

WATCH what happens.

But, that is just my opinon.

OH. And one other thing...I've had friends all over the country lose power for up to a week or more...some longer. Their INTERNET only businesses came to screeching halt...a few headed to the nearest HOT spot with their notebooks to "keep the business alive".

It will NEVER happen. NEVER. But, what if, for whatever reason...the Internet wasn't available to you for, say a month. I wonder how sales would be at the Internet Marketing Center?

I do know that sales in Canton, Ohio would be just like the Energizer Bunny at this point...they'd keep going, and going and going.

Direct Marketing is alive and well outside of that box sitting on or under or behind your desk...

OK. How do you think WEB 2.0 will impact marketing? Any ideas? Any comments?

Thanks for your time and attention.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. I wonder what is going to happen when the first REAL TIME person to person dating, introduction, WEB2inar takes place? I better head to the gym right NOW.

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