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November 15, 2007, 08:10 AM
you would be sitting in high cotton too, wouldn't you? I have some comments below...

Yup, Jay’s offering a 13-month, 15 part mentoring process. His sales letter says:

“Specifically, I’ll learn all the ways you know to gain access, control, ownership of rights, royalties, licenses, assets, intellectual property, marketing, distribution channels, expertise, relationships, brands, endorsements and much, much more.”

Cost is $3000 divided over a 12-month period, or a one-time payment of $2,500.

If you choose the 12-month pay system, you get a free “first 30 day” trial.

He calls it the “pay-after-you-profit” option.

He truly is the master at risk-reversal!

I hope Jay Gordon Alexander won’t charge us $3,000!!!

Non-affiliate link: www.abraham.com (http://www.abraham.com)

P.S. Scroll all the way down on the first sales/sign-up page and click on the "*** If you want to see a complete executive overview of the proposition, please click here" link for more info.


At 250 bux a month it could be a bargain. Or it could be the worst investment a person ever made...it is up to the person. Jay is great, and I'm sure he gives a lot of value in his course...I would like to point out a few things...

You can glean from the sales letter that there is a lot of third party content in the "valult"...it is becoming almost routine these days for almost any type of marketing membership site, or inner circles or inner sanctums...to offer up these experts and gurus...on audio or their interview on pdf files. So, if you want to build a site and get instant content, you simpy buy some PLR (Private Label Rights) or best yet, get these free audios (they are free to you because almost all of them contain a pitch for the speaker's product...it is like getting stuck in an endless loop of a pitches and pikes)...

I would think this program would be excellent for those that feel comfortable wheeling and dealing, and are good salespeople...and the fact it takes 13 months to complete gives the student a lot of time to really learn...my advice is to join up if you have the 250 bux a month to invest...and have a firm grasp on what is being said and what is offered.

The promotion serves as a great example of having to "read between the lines", as most well crafted offers have you do.

ONE word, one well phrased sentence could be the thing you skip over and it might be something you assumed, but turns out different...for example:

But, you’ll plug into nearly 2,000 pages of world-class documents, reports, interviews, short-course primers – authored or based on the brightest business minds out there.

Here, he may be telling you that the vault contains all those interviews with the people he mentions later in the promotion...and with a quick googling, you'll see most of these bright business minds have their stuff posted on scores of websites, free for the taking, and could contain another offer.

Personally, I'm a little tired of buying things, joining inner circles only to find that every FREE bonus is nothing more than a pitch by a friend of the owner, and it is in my opinion, a less than candid way of selling. But it is the SOP on these type of things.

Again, my advice would be to join up, IF you listened in to the almost 2 hour audio, the teleconference (which was a lesson in itself on how to have multiple gurus offer the same thing...with a little personalization...the "host" did the introduction and the ending...and Jay did the 90 minutes in between)...I think a highly motivated, FOCUSED person with a strong personality and good people skills will benefit greatly from Spike and Jay's mentoring.

Go for it if you want.

As for learning about Toll Booth and Toll Position passive income from the man who created the concept (Harvey Brody)...we think differently...because, what if you don't get in on Jay's mentoring, or even know about it until March? What happens? Do you have to wait?

Our program will allow a person to start anytime he or she wants to, go as fast as is right for them, get all the details and information straight from the horse's mouth, and have a backend potential for the STUDENTS...that hasn't even been seen in ANY marketing circle...because we have created it.

As for the costs. Mr. Brody has assured me he wants his information to be easily affordable for millions of people, so I can assume that leaves the 250 per month figure off the table for the introductory, get started, here's how to do it, the A to Z, Nuts and Bolts methodology of Toll Booth passive income. Trust me,

YOU will find the Harvey Brody material to be affordable, quick and easy to understand, written in plain english and you won't have to wait a month or several months to get into the real meat of the issue.

But if you can't wait to get information from the man who created Toll Position passive income streams, then by all means, go with one of his Top Students, and Jay Abraham is certainly that, no doubt about it.

Jay Alexander

PS. Also, Mr. Brody is ACCEPTING questions NOW to be included in the introductory part...so send them to me, or ask here on the forum.

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