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December 1, 2007, 05:44 AM
Hi Richard,

Give Kebberfegg a Try... And let us know your Test results...

Keep in mind, when you Say... free RSS keyword-based newsfeed that's OK for commercial websites...

Commercial has many different Definitions on the web...Try and Work around the Definition a little... :)

For example, Technically speaking services like Google's Gmail and other's have some restrictions on Commercial use... But Tons of people are Using it in all sorts of ways and purposes anyways...

Kebberfegg -- Keyword-Based RSS Feed Generator

I know we can't discuss too much here on Ankesh's idea...

Maybe Ankesh will put out a 2nd Edition and/or a Membership site on the Future & Predictions on Domaining... ;)

You just Never know where Testing & Researching new Ideas can Lead you... Sometimes all it takes is a little Creativity...

Hope that didn't give anything away...


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