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Dave B.
November 22, 2007, 06:01 AM
Well on Phil's advice, I was convinced to purchase Ankesh's domain name report. I have to agree with Dien on this one, it's a Brilliant idea that can be lots of Fun. :)

Then again part of Phil's thinking on business ideas is part of me so in my opinion there are some Great possibilities in making this into a Big money maker, even full time.

In fact Ankesh posted that this idea cannot be Outsourced. I don't know if I agree as certain parts of the report expand on the possibilities of monetization leads me to believe that Outsourcing parts of the concept could be a very nice addition to growing this into a real business.

A quick email with some questions and concerns to Ankesh was answered within minutes. Great service, great info so for those serious about getting into the Domain/Web real estate industry it's definitely worth investing some time with very minimal dollars.

Dave B.

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