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November 20, 2007, 02:41 PM
If you have 10-15 hours of spare time every month and are interested in earning $500-1500 month after month, please read this short announcement in its entirety.

I've perfected a domain buying-and-selling system that requires just 2-3 hours a week. And I have written a short but comprehensive 14-page report that outlines my system. The report gives you a step-by-step method of making money with domain names.

But before you read more about the report, you should know its Pros and Cons.

The Negatives:

* This system cannot be automated
* Nor can it be outsourced.

(That is why I wrote the report.)

The Positives

* It requires just a couple of hours every week.
* There is no downside. You'll never, ever lose any money using this system.
* The potential profit is huge.

How huge is the profit potential?

I sell at least a couple of domain names every month for high 3-figures or low 4-figures. The lowest I've made by selling a domain name is $270!

I've made about $1685 from the last 9 most recent domain names I purchased. And I have sold only 3 of those 9 domain names so far. I'm pretty certain that at least 4 of the other 6 domain names will end up selling within the next 2-3 months too!

The sweetest part of this system is that it has no downside.

You will never ever lose money using this system - Guaranteed!

Whats the price?

The report is priced at $19.95. You should make 10 times that amount if you buy and sell just one domain name following the system.

To make sure that the market doesn't get swamped with everyone doing the same thing, only 150 of these reports will ever be sold.

Here is your payment link:


Questions & Answers

1. How much investment is needed to implement the system?

I personally buy just 1 domain name per week at a cost of $7.44. (Because I do this on the side and can't spare more than 1-2 hours to it every week.)

$7.44 - $10 is the minimum amount that is required to start with (depending on the price you have to pay per domain name).

The recommended amount to start with is $85 (6 domains at $10 + hosting).

2. Will I have to purchase hosting too?

No. The system can be implemented without paying for hosting too. But things do become a bit more efficient if you have your own hosting.

Have any more questions? Post them or email them to me. And I'll answer them.


(Posted with Dien's permission.)

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