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November 29, 2007, 10:54 AM
Remember the old Rod Stewart song with the pick up line... Do You Think I'm Sexy?

It led me to think about more of a social networking way to text for cash all around the dating community.

1) a cranked version of speed dating where inside of sitting at table face to face a couple would sit at table back to back they start their mating rituals through texting each other for a minute... couple do this table to table never seeing each other at the end couple hook up face to face after deciding which text dating session they liked the best

2) a Flirt Me network. This idea relies on phones GPS capabilities. Individ's sign up for the Flirt network based on the idea that you often see people through the day you find interesting but can't make first contact with. You cross paths on the train, while paying a phone bill whatever. So send text message to Flirt Me.

Flirt Me software searches the location of members who are say within a mile of the Flirt requester. Those people are notified that someone wants to Flirt right now and they are near you. For a FEE your photo can be sent to the Flirt requester if you are the one she/he is looking for get ready to FLIRT

3) Alternate version would be individ's sign up for Friends & Dates. If you see someone you send text to F&D but you must have your friends in your F&D network send text too.

This signals their approval as well. Now of course others might like the same person so they are doing the same thing. The one with the most friends texting in their approval of the date gets first opportunity to meet the person they like.

Also the person who is being persued can set a minimum for the number of friends the person persuing must have before they approve of the dating opportunity. Lots of reverse billing opportunity here.

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