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November 27, 2007, 04:53 AM
My friend and I were watching a movie on TBS this weekend and noticed that they were running a contest in between the movie and commericals.

What i noticed was the sheer numbers of texts that they were getting which was about 8500(they had a little counter in the corner of the screen) over the course of a 3 hr hour movie before they give away the $500 prize. All you had to do was answer a very simple question and text the answer to them.

Now they charge .99 per text X 8500= Not To Bad At All!

Now i called my carrier to see how to get started and i was amazed at the number of people(6) that said "oh we don't do that". I finally ended up leaving a message in the voicemail of the business relationship office.

So your ideas and suggestions would help this little ideal go a long way.

I like at this as being the next go around of the 1-900 model.


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