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December 3, 2007, 12:37 PM
Note: These are ONE Page sites....NOT "5-Page" sites or sites with a lot of content. Just simple ONE PAGERS with a small amount of content pertaining to the Category and with 1 or 2 "generic" photos as Samples, which are replaced with Actual photos supplied by the buyer.

The MAIN REASON WHY owners of EXISTING sites in certain Categories will pay for these ONE-Page sites with a "Catchy" Domain....is to get additional traffic from the Link....by people either Typing in the Address Bar.... "SalemDentist.com" (if they are seeking a Dentist in Salem) or Googling, "SalemDentist".

AND...these ONE-Page sites, with a Catchy Domain can be placed on the "Town" website or "Chamber" website, under their specific Category and get more attention than any other domain name.

Again...these are ONE-Page sites with LITTLE CONTENT that appeal to the EGOS of those with EXISTING sites...looking to be NUMERO UNO in their Category AND to get some additional traffic.

I don't have a clue, yet, as to what to charge for sites with any more pages than ONE...or...sites with LOTS of content.

PLUS....I am NOT trying to "SELL" a "Report" on this subject....so I am NOT providing more details on this subject...with Templates and links to some of the 1-Pagers I've set up...or a "Question and Answer" section on HOW to do this....HERE.

Since Domain Names were a topic here last week, I thought some of you MIGHT want to know of another way to make money with "Domain Names". Figure out your own "details" and do your own "testing" with this "One-Page" concept. OTHERS, besides me, have done their "due-diligence" and have set up and sold these types of sites.

Don Alm
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