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December 3, 2007, 09:54 PM
Note: These are ONE Page sites....NOT "5-Page" sites or sites with a lot of content. Just simple ONE PAGERS with a small amount of content pertaining to the Category and with 1 or 2 "generic" photos as Samples, which are replaced with Actual photos supplied by the buyer.

The MAIN REASON WHY owners of EXISTING sites in certain Categories will pay for these ONE-Page sites with a "Catchy" Domain....is to get additional traffic from the Link....by people either Typing in the Address Bar.... "SalemDentist.com" (if they are seeking a Dentist in Salem) or Googling, "SalemDentist".

Help me understand please...
You state the main 2 reasons people pay will pay for the catchy domain is
because their POTENTIAL clients will:
A) type the domain directly into the adress bar
B) People looking for a dentist in Salem, Oregon will type "salemdentist" (no space) into Google.

For point A), how many times have you typed "roseburgdentist.com" into the address bar while looking for a site that was about a dentist in Roseburg?
Tere are likely a few folks that will do a general search this way, but certainly not in the numbers that can command an ongoing fee of $150/mo.

For point B) Sure if you type "salemdentist" into the search bar of google, salemdentist.com will likely be the first one displayed. I have to ask though, what happens when you type "salem dentist" (with a space) into the search bar? Go ahead and try it.

The domain name itself doesn't guarantee a number 1 ranking in any search engine.

AND...these ONE-Page sites, with a Catchy Domain can be placed on the "Town" website or "Chamber" website, under their specific Category and get more attention than any other domain name.

Why can't their regular sites be posted to town and chamber sites?

Again...these are ONE-Page sites with LITTLE CONTENT that appeal to the EGOS of those with EXISTING sites...looking to be NUMERO UNO in their Category AND to get some additional traffic.

My ego is only worth so much as far as my advert dollars go.
Numero uno means crap without results.
If I were a dentist with a large ego and took you up on your offer...
based on what you have shown here, it would likely result in a handful of hits permonth that I would be tracking from my website.

I would determine rather quick if your ad service was paying for itself or not.

I don't have a clue, yet, as to what to charge for sites with any more pages than ONE...or...sites with LOTS of content.

PLUS....I am NOT trying to "SELL" a "Report" on this subject....so I am NOT providing more details on this subject...with Templates and links to some of the 1-Pagers I've set up...or a "Question and Answer" section on HOW to do this....HERE.

Since Domain Names were a topic here last week, I thought some of you MIGHT want to know of another way to make money with "Domain Names". Figure out your own "details" and do your own "testing" with this "One-Page" concept. OTHERS, besides me, have done their "due-diligence" and have set up and sold these types of sites.

Don Alm

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