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December 3, 2007, 11:58 PM
I'm not a lurker, but I don't post here often. I'm just sick of your BS Don. Seriously, this isn't 1997 and business owners are more Web savvy than 10 years ago (which, based on your own Web sites, looks like the last time you tried to do anything online).

I will pay you $10,000 (no joke, Dien knows me, and I'm going to personally e-mail him to make sure he knows who's making this post) if you can find 10 businesses who will take you up on your crappy Web site offer at the rates you specified. $10,000 for 10 businesses Don. That'll bring you $250 x 10 + $150/month x 10 PLUS the $10,000. Step it up Don. Contact Dien. He'll have my info.

Here's the TRUTH if you want something like this to work: you've got to generate leads for the business. NO business, I don't care how dumb the owner is, is going to pay $150/month (+ set up fee) for some horrid 1 page Web site that generates no leads and that they don't even own. THAT is the kind of Web sites you are telling people to set up.

Stop it Don. Just stop.

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