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February 13, 2008, 02:53 PM
Based on my experience I've found that businesses want a minimum of 1,000 delivered.

And...if you charge 8cents each...that's $80 per bag x 20 = $1,600...which now makes it "worth" your time.

In fact...a couple years ago...a buddy put together a program which involved placing "Business Listings" (Name, Address & Phone) on 2 lines, in alphabetical order...in 2 columns....on a 2-color, "Refrigerator Magnet".

The "Fridge Magnet" offered a "handy, reference guide" to local businesses.

He could fit 36 Categories (18 to a column) with Exclusives in each Category.

As I recall, he charged $169 for 2,000 pieces ( 8 1/2 cents each) and easily filled all 36 spots (36 x $169 = $6,084 gross)

He just "went down the street"....cold...showed a sample mockup to the biz owner and they either bought or didn't...a "2-minute pitch".

He also went to restaurants at lunch time and caught "service-people".

If you'd like to see what this looks like...send me an email to dalm@peak.org
I can also tell you where he got the magnets.

Don Alm

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