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February 13, 2008, 03:54 PM
For a lot of people that's probably a better way to go about it. But for me and my low key / no pitch (not even a 2 minute pitch) style, the simple easy "small bucks" way is easier to get started. "Columns, magnets, 1,ooo's delivered" is more than I'm willing to deal with at the moment.

The simplicity of what I spoke of before is what makes it attractive for me (and for those I contacted). "200 flyers on the doorstep for $25" cost me nothing. No "mock ups", no "real sales pitch". Simple and easy.

And in the words of one of the people who emailed me a "YES, count me in": "what the hey, for $25 ...why not?"

$25 is easy for even the smallest of businesses to handle. And this is something my son could handle on his own if he wants to. Simple simon is me.

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