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May 23, 2008, 03:09 PM
So I'm working on this Railway Station Upgrade Project and the crane driver I'm with is not inducted for the site. I point to the safety guy and tell him to see him about being inducted. He looks across the gathering of men at our pre-start meeting at the safety man and asks his name - the crane driver doesn't have his glasses on. I tell him and, dang, if they didn't used to work together in previous jobs.

Smoko comes and my driver phones the safety guy and asks if he'd like to join us for a coffee. Accepted, Safety Guys points to a cafe and suggests we go there - it's one of two, close by the site. And so we go.

I'm sitting out front waiting for my coffee addict workmates to come out with their fair and I cannot help but notice the coffee shop is FULL of women. And they have kids with them.

Further investigation reveals... the coffee shop - called Breathing Space Cafe - has a Play Room with Child Minder. The idea being, mothers can come for a coffee with other moms, or just friends, and the kids are looked after. (McDonald's has had child play area for years - this is s slight variation applied to a coffee shop and it was working Very well.)


Need a new desk and can't find anything I like in all the usual places. And reluctantly succumb to having a peek in Hell For Guys... IKEA!!! (Key dramatic music)

It was a Saturday and the place was a hive of shoppers. I was window shopping - needed measurements, was taking photos with my digital camera for reference. And noticed EVERYONE had something in their hands. Even if it was a dustpan w/ brush. (Oh, and again... women. Loads of women. Some with guys, some by themselves and some with friends. So single guys... if you want to see woman... go to Ikea. I know it's Man Hell all that Shopping and Looking stuff. {{shudder}})

The eating area In Ikea was packed to the max. And when you walk through the store they don't have just isles you walk up and down. Oh no. That'd be too user friendly. They have a Path that Winds through the different departments like a snake slithering away through the undergrowth.

Unless you know the Hidden Shortcuts through the store, to get to what you want requires you to walk past Everything. Yep, the only way to the check out once you enter is to weave your way through Every department (show rooms with little grab items, down to the Market Hall with only grab items).

Then at the check out... chocolate. Ikea chocolate. And outside the checkout... more Ikea Food and a Soft Server Vending Machine, with people lined up 20 deep to help themselves.

I was assured that during the week it is Much quieter. And specially later in the day in the early evening - 5pm to 7pm. But weekends are just crazy. And no-ones goes to Ikea to spend $20. Some people are spending Thousands at a pop.

Looking at Where the stuff is made I see... Denmark, France, Spain, China, Thailand and so on. Which tells me... Ikea designs it then obtains Quotes to make it from different manufacturers. Leverage.


Remember one of the laws of Speed Wealth is... a change in Technology will make someone rich.

Ok. Australian's are Heavy users/buyers of cell phones. Outside of Hong Kong I think they are the second highest cell phone users per capita. And I see more and more people with In Car GPS Units. For most people... there is no point. But for people who go to different addresses on a daily basis - couriers, delivery guys, service guys, estimators, etc. Such things are a godsend.

Looking at Technology... check out this eBay store http://myworld.ebay.com.au/mobileciti_estore/
45,500 feedbacks with 400+ current items listed for sale.

Look at their GPS units. The Road Angel and Mio units are getting most of the bids.

Have a look at Prestige Communications www.prestigecom.net.au - an internet based retailer. I've spoken with some of the electronics retailers who Guarantee to beat prices, and they hear the name Prestige Communications and tell you Sorry, we cannot beat their price. They are a home-based business who sells mainly online and not the usual open-to-the-public retailer. (My research reveals they also sell on ebay under the name RadioSource http://myworld.ebay.com/radiosource/

In similar style is BatteryShack who sells other than batteries http://myworld.ebay.com.au/batteryshack/ and may even be a subsidiary of RadioSource as they sell the same gear - or use the same suppliers.

All successful businesses in completely different areas.

Michael Ross

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