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July 1, 2008, 06:57 AM

Thanks for your passionate plea.

Unfortunately, whatever Action you take will be a complete and utter waste of Your time.

How many people Protested going into Afghanistan and Iraq? Still went in, right?

If you want to get something off your chest, then feel free to write to your congressman or the newspaper or whomever you like. But don't expect it to amount to anything.

Goverments - All Goverments - fear a free and armed citizenry. They are too dang hard to Control. But, steal the fruits of their labor (tax) and devalue what's left (inflation - which is caused by governments) and they have a Tool to make a person less free. Which just leaves the firearms.

Back when Australia had some nutjob who shot some people and the Govt did the usual knee-jerk reaction, we Lost (had stolen from us) the ability to own certain firearms - semi-autos of Any caliber (including 22s) and pump-action shotguns with a capacity of more than 2 to name two types. And no longer was Self Protection a Legitimate Reason to own a firearm.

Even Politicians that said they disagreed with the new Federal Laws still voted for them - despite their constituents voicing otherwise. But the Fed govt said... States still had the final say, as long as it was the Federal line.

And despite all the evidence to the contrary, the Govt/Media alliance still Claimed all kinds of firearm violence from firearm license holders with lawfully obtained firearms - not non-license holders using firearms which have no record of entering the country.

But, the move backfired. Because, most people who were Mugged by the Govt (forced to hand in their now illegal firearms under threat of jail), took the money they received and purchased replacement firearms + additional firearms. Result = more firearms in the community and not less.

The head trainer at my local gun club - and the gun smith the local police turn to to destroy confiscated firearms, as well as Counsel to the State Govt who is slowly changing the laws in our state back in our favor - said the police figures showed 40,000 New firearm owners Each Year.

Of course, we are Not allowed to own Tasers, stun guns or pepper spray.

But it could be worse... we could be England. Where home owners who Defend themselves find themselves being charged with a crime - even if they detained a burglar with a replica (look a like, but cannot fire) firearm.

I think you'll enjoy this blog http://gunwatch.blogspot.com/ (and check out his other blogs)

Anyway. I digress.

Save your fingers, Don. Save your breath. Anything you do, will have zero effect. Politicians are only concerned with feathering their own nest. Winning the next election and staying in the good books of the party. And they will tell You ANYTHING you want to hear, so you will not think ill of them.

The American people had a chance with Ron Paul. They chose McCain instead. And unless Obama is swift-boated, he will win the election in Nov. The only saving grace is, if things get Very Bad, the Dems will be a one term deal.

Anyway. Whatever the point it is long gone.

Ross, Out.

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