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Sandi Bowman
July 1, 2008, 09:01 AM
You're both right and both wrong and here's why.

Take a look at the political history of the good ol' USA and you'll see that traditionally the Democrats get us out of bad times by spending us into even more debt and disaster, which pleases the people temporarily. Why? Because they get the roads fixed, the tax burdens shifted more comfortably for them, the inflation comes down and jobs are plentiful.

THEN comes the reckoning, when the spend-happy Democrats bring on increasing problems for the population, we get involved in too many headaches on a national and international scale that is brought home agonizingly painfully. So, they vote in the Republicans to tighten things up, and change things to a more sensible spending level and so on.

You will note that things currently look more like the Democratic ways in spite of having a Republican head of the country. The reason is that the stupid people tied the hands of the Republican party by voting in a Democratic congress--which essentially nullified the objective in getting Republicans in for the clean up job. The mess this country is in right now is due largely to the fact that we have a government, voted in by people who couldn't make up their wishy-washy minds, that is split and works against itself (when it works).

Better times are coming but it'll be a painful adjustment. It won't be Obama or McCain who changes things but the people who are somewhat united behind a single candidate and party...to a large degree...regardless of who wins or loses the election.

We've seen this before folks, if you know your political history, and we'll see it again. Nothing new on that front. As for developments that ARE new, well, that's for another time.

Sandi Bowman

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