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July 5, 2008, 11:22 PM

Thanks for adding to the Fire.

As I mentioned in a previous post... Australia has Many capped oil wells around the country and exports oil to 40+ countries. YET, we pay prices for oil as dictated by Opec.

This will NOT change because... the Govt gets too much tax money from the high fuel prices. And they aren't going to shoot that Golden Goose.

For the US's sake... oil business is conducted in $US. Now, it is Rumored that Iraq was making the move to do oil business in Euros. Which would have cost the US Bankers many millions in dollars. Insert conspiracy theory here.

Now I have mentioned previously, the state of my State's - and Australia's - firearm laws. And how Self Defense is not considered a Valid Reason to own a firearm.

Other writers have written on how Trigger Locks can Cost Lives - as the firearm is not At Hand and life could be lost before the Trigger Lock is removed.

Obviously, if Self Defense were a Reason, then laws could not be passed to Ensure how firearms are stored - which would make them useless as self defense.

But it isn't just firearms our State doesn't like.

As I mentioned, Tasers are out. A quick check also shows... personal alarms are also out. As are any knives which can be opened with one hand (not counting box cutters, of course, as they are readily available). Knives are also not allowed to be carried in public unless you have a Valid reason - such as you are a tradesman carrying a bag of tools. Self Defense is Not a Valid Reason.

In essence, nothing can be carried on the person for Self Defense reasons. Of course, that only Law Abiding citizens would follow such Laws seems not to register in the brains of the Politicians or their Politics (Poly means many and Tics are blood sucking insects).

Batons are also not allowed.

Have a look for yourself. This is my state's Catagories of Weapons...


Category A and B are available to the public. The rest... well, let's just say, are either flat out not allowed to the public (such a category R), or are allowed only to people of certain professions or undergoing certain trainings (such as martial arts with nunchaku or kung-fu sticks)

An armed person is a Citizen, an unarmed person a Subject.

In our City, the media has been getting Mileage from what they call a Bikeway Predator committing Sex Attacks on Bikeways (Sex Attack not necessarily being an attempt at rape). My solution is simple... allow people (women) to arm themselves - even with a HideAway Knife www.hideawayknife.com - and let that be known. Then see the perp(s) try something. Which would be unlikely as they might get Hurt.

An armed society is a polite society.

Michael Ross

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