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September 19, 2008, 06:15 PM
if you type into Google, "TV Channel Guides", with the quote marks, I come up NUMERO UNO on the First Page!

Ah, the old "wrap quotes around it" trick

Hey... if you type "ARE ALL PRODUCTS MADE IN CHINA, MADE WELL" in quotes and put it into Google, it also comes up Numero Uno.

If you type in "effective in-room advertising" in quotes you also come up on Google - not top, but two and three out of three.

If you type "Full Color Mini-Billboards in Hotel Rooms" in quotes into Google you are the only listing. Without quotes and others come up - including a link that places Advertising on Hotel Key Rings/Tags.

It's actually quite Easy to get Top Listing in Google when you isolate words from a webpage and put them in quotes to do the search. But as Pete says... the aim is to achieve that Without the quotes.

And in your case... when someone types in TV Guide, or TV Channel Guide - as opposed to the plural "guides".

Michael Ross

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