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September 19, 2008, 07:19 PM
Actually....the MAIN PURPOSE of this website is NOT to bring in "Traffic" from consumers OR...anyone else.

I phone my prospects and tell them to take a look at this site...while I'm ON the phone with them. We discuss the program and I get a "Yea!" or "Nay!"

So....the ONLY person I'm interested in seeing this site is the potential customer I have on the phone at the time.

I just thought it was "neat" that I got #1 for these "THREE" words.

I understand that if I get a Domain Name like, "www.AdvertiseInHotelRoomsInOregonAndPossiblyOtherC itiesInOtherTownsAcrossAmerica.com (IN quotes).....this would probably be #1 in Google for this "Phrase", so...your attempt to "educate" me and possibly "diffuse" my excitement, didn't work!

I am STILL excited about being NUMERO UNO on the NUMERO UNO PAGE...for THIS particular "Phrase....IN Quotes!

Now you can go back to what you were doing. I'm takin' my honee out fer Din Din....in "Celebration".

Don Alm...."easily excitable guy"

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