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September 19, 2008, 04:37 PM
One of my "AD-Ventures" is to provide "TV Channel Guides" for Hotels.

These are placed in every room of participating Hotels at no charge. They show the room guests where the TV Channels are on the TV in their room.

On the Front of my piece is the Hotel Logo and other info and...a Picture of a Mouth-watering PIZZA. This is easily seen by someone who is HUNGRY.

On the back are Ads for other restaurants, gift shops or realtors.

Well....I've been "Playing with my Search Engine stuff and...TODAY....if you type into Google, "TV Channel Guides", with the quote marks, I come up NUMERO UNO on the First Page!

Yippee! Yahoo! Cowabunga!

Take a minute and go up and take a look. This site is NOT "designed" by a "Professional Graphic Designer" HOWEVER....guess what....it does the job for me and helps me sell Hotels and Advertisers.

Excuse my excitement. If a NON-designer guy can make money from a site like this...it says 2 things about "Web Design";

1) Sometimes it's the PRODUCT that counts and NOT the Design of the site that's important!
2) If a NON-Graphic Designer Nerd, like me, can do this...ANYONE CAN!

Don Alm
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