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March 28, 2009, 07:48 AM

It was my OPINION that the Dems would take both houses and shortly thereafter the real estate bubble would end. My OPINION based on my own research and conclusions. Happened, didn't it?

OPINIONS on politics, religion, the lock ness monster are our respective ways of talking. Be it Opinions about riots, food shortages, roaming gangs and whatnot. Be it the best way to help disabled people. Whether socialism or capitalism is the way we should head. It's ALL opinion.

It is my Opinion the Oz Govt is heading down the Chinese road as far as Internet Censorship goes. Because I am able to Extrapolate. Sharing my Opinion on the matter simultaneously Alerts people that is it going on - because the MSM is keeping mom about it. It is my Opinion that govt has said something to the MSM Asking them to keep mom.

The reporting of Opinions is a small piece of a trend. If a few people think it, then you can rest assured many more do as well. Maybe there is an angle which can be used here.

Posting. And posting on certain topics comes in bursts and spurts. It always has. There is no need for any heavy handed tactics on one topic or another. They lose their flavor of the month appeal all by themselves.

If you don't like someone's postings, don't read them. Simple.

If Obama is passing some kind of law, that is Politics. That is life. You cannot separate them because you don't like what you might Hear/Read. They go hand in hand. What the Politicians do effects us all. And we all have Opinions about it. If you don't like someone's opinion, put forth your own. Discuss. Debate. Whatever. A thread or two later the topic moves on. That's what a Discussion Board is all about, afterall.

As soon as you start pinpointing topics to not talk about, you really start down a diminishing road. Next it's religion. Then race. Then, maybe, country. Why not football teams. Red and blue color preference. There is so much stuff we can not talk about else it upsets someone's sensibilities.

We are all adults here. How about letting us decide if want to talk politics or not. If noone wants to talk politics, then the topic will change all by its ownsome.

Just go with the flow. You'll find it all adjusts itself in the end anyway. And you stay calmer too.

Michael Ross

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