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Sandi Bowman
March 28, 2009, 09:18 AM
Gordon, just answer this one question, please. How do you separate those who pass laws (or try to) from those who must live with the laws (people and businesses)?

All of life is about drawing lines...as in the buck stops here, as in 'go this far, and no further', as in 'the freedom to swing your fist stops at the end of my nose' and so on. So, where are we supposed to assume this forum, or you, are drawing the line? Life isn't square boxes (even tho' we live in them)...it's a continuum. Where upon that continuum do you wish us to stop and say 'no more discussion'?

The Warrior forum tried stopping here, stopping there and so on...and ended up ruining a vibrant, productive, community. It is now a shadow of it's former glory. A sad spectacle of 'thou shalt nots' run amuck. Sad. I'd hate to see Sowpub go down the same disgusting road. So the question remains, where do you stop on the continuum?

Sandi Bowman

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