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Skip Rosell
April 5, 2009, 01:47 PM
If I am reading correctly ... Gordon I think that your main interest with what you published here is that somehow there is not the flow of business ideas that at one time ran rampant throught these pages.

If that was what you are saying I agree with that.

I understand that politics may have some bearing on business but not as much for true entrepreneurs who don't just get pushed in any direction without them having a say-so. No matter which way the wind blows, they can always set the sail to go where they want to go.

I have always enjoyed this forum but noticed recently there is not as much creative business ideas flowing and seemed like it had a flavor of a retirement home with folks sitting around talking politics etc.

I'm not saying anything negative here but rather just an observation.

Look back at previous post recently as well as times past. Whatever happened to the time when minds were flowing with ideas? I know we are all getting older and some are slowing down or changing directions in life but when I came across a a bunch of people talking politics in the past on some porch somewhere, at a kitchen table or in a den ... I'd walk on knowing that when all was said and done ... there would be more said than done.

Just merely my observations.

Is there anyone here that has seen any new ideas, business plans or opportunities to make a real difference in peoples lives and businesses? If so, let's share some of these things and build upon ideas that can make a difference in a positive way.

Hi Randy,

I agree with the following: "Gordon I think that your main interest with what you published here is that somehow there is not the flow of business ideas that at one time ran rampant throught these pages.

I have not been around that much lately but due to family issues I have had to down size my online business for the near future. I have a ton of ideas that may spark other ideas with the members.

As time permits I will post some of these ideas and if the members like them I may be able to do more of them. Here is the first one:

Business Bankruptcy Profits

According to one statistical source, during the 2006 fiscal year, almost twenty thousand businesses in the United States filed for bankruptcy. In 2007 that number was up to 28 thousand and as of April of 2008, more than two thousand more businesses had already filed for bankruptcy. More than six thousand Canadian businesses filed for bankruptcy in 2007. The U.K. businesses are not faring much better. They reported almost twelve thousand bankruptcies during the year 2007. While these bankruptcies may be bad news for the business owners, they are good news for you!

In 2009 these numbers are only going to increase.

When a company files for bankruptcy, one of the first things that takes place is a liquidation of assets. This means that many resalable goods are available for purchase in large lots and at bargain basement prices. By keeping an eye out for these liquidations, you can buy large amounts of perfectly good items and resell them.

You should keep your eyes open for any news of businesses closing their doors. Many times an article or classified advertisement will run in your local newspaper announcing a liquidation of assets. Just running a simple web search with the words, "bankruptcy liquidation" will bring you many announcements like these. Some businesses hold auctions to liquidate. Other businesses sell their products to liquidation houses that specialize in selling off items in large lots to a reseller at greatly reduced prices. You can locate many of these liquidation sources by running a web search with the words, "inventory liquidation." Ideally, you should locate failed businesses and inventory liquidators in your local area. The less you spend to transport or ship these items to your location, the higher your profits can be.

One of the easiest ways to sell off these items is through the auction site, like eBay. You can create an eBay seller account, open a Paypal account to process the payments and receive your money. Next, you need photos of each item and then you can easily list each item for sale on the auction site. Either do this through normal auction functions or you can open your own eBay store and stock lots and lots of your items for sale. This enables your potential customers to easily browse through your stock and find the item in the size, color, or with the exact features that they are shopping for.

In some cases, you will want to specialize in selling just one type of item. For instance, some people prefer to specialize in just clothing and shoes. They buy these in large lots and then sell each pair of shoes or piece of clothing individually. Other people prefer to sell just car parts or just jewelry or just electronics or just stationary products or just books. You get the idea. By specializing in the selling of just one kind of item, you will attract many returning customers who know that they can go to you repeatedly as their source for just that kind of item.

You will find that reselling the stock of businesses that are no longer around to sell their products for themselves is a very profitable endeavor. In many cases, you will be able to double and triple your purchase price!





http://thecloseoutnews.com/ (http://thecloseoutnews.com/)


http://www.rstrading.com/ (http://www.rstrading.com/)

Best of success,

Skip Rosell

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