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Dien Rice
December 12, 2010, 02:34 PM
Products and ideas...

More Food for thought with a different connection...

All Starts with a Clean Tongue of course... :)

Good ol' Bad Breath niche and a few Smart mixed Aged entrepreneurial Thinking and Action takers... ;)

Studying & Learning their Exact marketing plans and Structuring with some Nice added Creativity...

Will give your business in Marketing Specialized products throughout the Web similar Opportunities and Successes...

Especially! ... By Spinning... Testing, Testing, ongoing Testing with YouTube and other Social networking related ideas...

Quick info on The Orabrush Success story...

Definitely worth Studying and Applying into your own business model(s)...
Thanks Phil!

That's a great link... It shows there is still opportunity - even in relatively "simple" tools, such as this one...

Tongue scrapers existed before - but they have a different design... E.g. see here



However, the Orabrush people created a new - perhaps improved - patented design!


Patent protection is part of the "toll position" concept that Harvey Brody talks about, along with the trademark too (though it can be more sophisticated than these concepts too)...

That toll position makes it hard for others to copy them - and to "steal" their profits...

Great stuff - thanks Phil!

Best wishes,


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