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June 23, 2012, 11:34 AM
My 35 years of buying and selling things have given me some pretty good guidelines to follow...not RULES, no LAWS carved in stone, but some pretty good, take it to the bank, g u i d e l i n e s on how much you have to spend to make X amount of dollars.

IF you want to make 500 bux profit per transaction, you have to look for chattel which is being sold between 2499 and 5001.

You can of course, find deals, like Tony B. of CA did some years back, Tony saw a bass fishing boat for sale, bought it on a Thur. for 1500 bux and sold it on the following SUN for 3000 or for a 1500 profit, just cleaned it up and took it to the LAKE where fishermen hung out. AH, a secret revealed.

Sell your chattel in the right lake where people are looking. Anyhow,

Here is the question.

Would you invest 2500 dollars to make a 500 dollar profit?

I know the answer. MOST, about 90% of you WILL NOT do it.

I know this from working with many people over the last decade trying to help them learn how to do it.

Consider this, if you put your 2500 bux in a bank and let it sit there for a year, how much money would you have? Say you found a really good Bernier Madoff type bank and they paid you 10% (HA!)...you'd have 2750 dollars at the end of ONE YEAR OF STORAGE OF YOUR MONEY.

ONE transaction in chatteling, and you get a 20% ROI and you could do that as many times per year as you feel like it.

Make 500 a month for all 12 months and you'll have $8,500.00 how does that compare with YOUR bank?

The concept is simple, CIRCULATION beats STORAGE every hour of the year.

Are you STORING your money? OR are you in some way circulating it for larger ROI's?

Even if you invest 5k and got 500 profit, that's 10%, and yet the vast majority over the years have said it was too risky...because they didn't do their homework and due diligence.

I never buy a piece of chattel which I don't know for certain what the "street value" or the actual price I should get for it. And as long as I make a little profit, in a short period of time, I just put it back into CIRCULATION.

I can't get some of you to invest 100 bux in anything...the fear of loss is certainly a powerful motivator...but for those of you either borderline desperate or with an understanding of Risk/Reward...there is NOTHING that beats chatteling...and if you want to get up to the Stock Market type ROI, you just spend more money in higher priced chattel...got a few million? There are some nice yachts down at the Palm Beach harbor for sale.

Want to know more about this upper end of chatteling? I'll see you over at NCU, OK?


PS. I advise you to get started with The Chattel Report,

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