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August 1, 2012, 11:36 AM
I thought I had answers.

Main answer. I don't know or I'm not sure. HA

I think your offer would work best on a full page and a half. I'll include it for free if you let me use the bottom quarter of second page to let me do a promotion (probably NCU).

So, what I'd need is a one and a half page ad (probably pdf would work best) and I'll just print it out, add my offer on bottom quarter of back side and send it out.

Demographics? Think Warriors and SowPubbers for this initial test, and if it gets any results, probably rent a list of Biz-Op types.

I'm making a sample today, which I should have ready by weekend to send to everyone so they get a better idea of what they will be.

I just don't know but, I'm willing to spend my money to test it out and who knows...let the results speak for themselves.



I have one I'd like tested. It is How To Make Money Trading Stock Options. I have all the details for the ad. Do I send them to you? What's the demographic of your audience? Out of a 1000 people probably only one will even have heard of options but so what, I'm in for the test.


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