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August 16, 2012, 10:31 PM

The question is, is it for ANY casino? We just got them in Ohio, but I would think it might be like a general bingo hotsheet, although I'm sure local ones work the best.

I think we can co op mail in the future, what you need to do is figure out your costs for printing and mailing them to me...and have a general type offer...I'm not sure how that would work.

NOW, if you can get several casinos down there to offer coupons or such, and pay for the printing, it might be a double dip deal...that is, you charge casinos to be on your hotsheet and offer your stuff at the same time.

It would work best if you found a list of casino players, especially in your area and then it would be a good venture for all of us.

I like the idea, just not sure about the logistics.

posting on the forum so we can share info with everyone.

may we send printed flyers to be mailed out AND are you discounting that?

I have a "casino" hotsheet I'm trying to "adapt" to be mailed to a wider than my local market.

I want to use the same color flyer, etc. and it wouldn't be a problem to print 1,000 more.

thanks for all your hard work, don't know about anyone else but I was excited to receive the sample.

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