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August 1, 2012, 12:03 PM
I don't know.

Here's what I'm thinking based on old numbers and a HOT list of recent buyers of a money making opportunity (PROBABLY first list to test along with sign ups from Internet)

One can have a ONE page Hotsheet included in the mailing for 50 bux and a quarter page on back for PUBLISHER (me) USE. See, that would be 5 cents a name, and I'd offer something of my own on the back bottom of your circular or 100 bux if you don't want me to share.

These would be in quantities of 1000.

Using that as a basis 100 BUX for your own hotsheet, then I'M THINKING that 10 bux for an 8th, 20 for a quarter and 35 for half page. This should be affordable and doable for many people. The object is to get as many people involved as possible, so it would be low cost.

I'd always have a FREE classifed section on a first come first in basis or for 5 bux, I'd guarantee a classified spot.

For this FIRST edition, to be mailed first week of Sept. I'll probabably have a Aug. 27 deadline for "camera" ready copy or for the 30 word classified AD.

I do have help on this, so we should be able to get everything to printer and back in time. IF it works, I'll probably have about a 3-5 working day deadline before the next 1000 go out.

Unlike monthly newsletters, I'll mail out continuously as people are added, hopefully weekly or so. Depends on response. First edition will have big push for other 'publishers' whom might want to include their own hotsheet.

Classified can be written email, space ads, probably pdf files if pics/graphics so I can just print them out, but we can accept any format, as long as the size is right. I'll have the specs later this week, once I DO A test sample which I'LL make available here.

I'm HOPEFUL, but realistic. I'm a marketer first, lover second...that meaning the results have to be there, and if so, we ALL may be creating/resurrecting hotsheets.

I do want to target stay at home moms/dads too.

It will probably be a little something for everyone, with an emphasis on making money/being happy and or stuffing our faces (COOKING and recipes).

We all like to eat, we all need to make money, and most of us, don't mind being happy with what we do...minus the OSCAR the grouch types of course.

Thanks for your questions, let's see what happens.

Hi Gordon:

A few questions:

1. How much for eighth, quarter, and half page ads?

2. How much to have a hotsheet included?

3. What is the deadline for all the above?

4. How are they to be submitted?

I have a web site that has been sitting in the wings for a while waiting for me to get rolling on....It might be a good one to test to see if the offline through the hotsheets can feed the online....also have a classified that could be included.

Who knows maybe I'll even resurrect some of my old newsletters.:confused:


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