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Dien Rice
January 5, 2015, 11:40 PM
Here's what I teach my MLM downline distributors to do to sell weight loss programs.

Secret: "You teach the cold market where to place you in their minds".

So brand yourself as a weight loss expert.
Hi Steve,

I agree, where you position yourself can make a big difference... It can affect how they see you.

And, positioning yourself as an "expert" makes a lot of sense...

Everyone trusts an expert! But they don't necessarily "trust" an MLM guy/girl, a sales guy/girl, etc. But if you're an expert...

Hey, that reminds me of something. A long, long time ago (late 1990s, pre-Sowpub even)... I joined an MLM. It was Herbalife.

Herbalife promots itself on the basis of health. Now, the guy I joined under - he was a qualified naturopath!

You know what, he did well. Why?

Because he was an "expert" - and billed himself as such!

I didn't know much about sales or marketing back in those days. I didn't last too long, because I decided to go on and do other things...

I haven't communicated with the guy I signed up under since those days. But I notice, today, he's still taking a similar approach... Now, he's a "life extension specialist (http://www.joyous-journey.com/about.html)."

(That's his link, as I said, I haven't even communicated with him since the late 1990s, so this is not an endorsement or anything. I just "Googled" his name, and found him...)

Hey, this approach works!

As Steve said,

All of this is simple stuff.... but you got to have enough burning desire and mental toughness to do the work.

If you do.... you will make a fortune!
Thanks for sharing that, Steve!

Best wishes,


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