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January 9, 2015, 12:15 AM
I figured, how can I replicate that? I'm not a naturopath... So I figure, I can't replicate it, which means I can't duplicate his success (without becoming a naturopath myself). In that sense, it might have been better to have been under a marketer, rather than a naturopath, since I probably would have learned better, more easy to replicate skills...

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Exactly, Network Marketing is about duplication. Not about how to retail lots of products. Prospects rarely ask this but in the back of their mind they are thinking “I don’t know many people I can talk to about the business, I can’t give a good presentation, I lack the credibly of upline leaders and I don’t want to pester people to buy products because I can’t sell”.

And approaching MLM the way Don Alm approaches typical sales guarantees failure in MLM.

If someone like Don joins a MLM program, he or she will have no problem talking to both their warm and cold market about joining the business. Their great sales skills will mean they will personally enrol a lot of distributors but most of those distributors will not be able to sell like their upline did and, they won’t be able to duplicate the personality and skill set of a master salesman like Don.

Personality can not be duplicated, but systems can. Now the company I’m with teaches a one question marketing technique… it goes something like this…. “Have you heard about______?”.

You got to check this out….

Then you point them to a 3rd party tool (in my case it’s a 9 minute video) and let the prospect sample the product. All that is pretty simple to do if you already have a warm list to contact. The hard part is learning to do the opposite of what most people do.

Here’s how most people go about it…. Ring… Ring…. Hello Mary? It’s your friend Jessica here. How are you? “Have you heard about XYZ Product or Company?”

Now Jessica is so focused on selling that she fails to hear Mary typing the name of her product or company into google and seeing all of the negative reviews left by sales types who failed in MLM because they taught their downline how to sell instead of how to duplicate.

At this point Jessica has already lost control of the process. With the name of the product and company her prospects don’t need her when they have google at their finger tips. If they should happen to want to join up chances are they will go sponsor shopping instead of signing up under Jessica.

They know and like Jessica, but they know Jessica has just got started herself and lacks the credibility of a proven track record. So they think.. hey.. no offense Jessica… but this is business so I’m going to find someone who is already earning $50,000 per month to sponsor me so I can learn from them.

In our example, Mary ends up joining directly under Mr SuperDuperSponsor. What Mary didn’t know is that Mr SuperDuperSponsor sponsored Sally who sponsored Mark who sponsored Peter who sponsored Sharon who sponsored Jessica.

If Mary joins under Jessica she now has Jessica, Sharon, Peter, Mark and Sally in addition to Mr SuperDuperSponsor who have a vested interest in helping Mary succeed.
Mr SuperDuperSponsor can’t possibly work personally with every single person they recruit so they only work personally with those who deserve their help… not those who need their help.

Mr SuperDuperSponsor personally works with his top 5 producers only. Oh you’ll see him speaking at company events and doing webinars and conference call presentations but he’s not going to give Mary the help she needs because his time is already committed to his top producers.

So Mary loses out on several ten and twenty thousand dollar per month mentors and Jessica who only earned $500 her first month because she's new at the game. Now Mary can’t go to any of them for help because her upline starts and ends with Mr SuperDuperSponsor. Mary can’t duplicate everything Mr SuperDuperSponsor does and after a couple of months Mary quits the business and claims MLM doesn’t work.

Now what if Jessica took this approach instead…. Ring.. Ring… ? It’s your friend Jessica here. How you doing today? I only have a quick minute before I have to jump onto a conference call so I’m glad I was able to reach you in time Mary… Listen, Do you know anyone who likes to vacation and travel? (If they say no then change the subject, why would you want to sponsor anyone who doesn’t like to have fun?)

You know Mary…

It takes 3 things to go on a month long holiday….


If I can show you a way to have all 3 would that be worth 30 minutes of your time to get all the information?

Mary says… What’s this about Jessica… (Now this is where most people screw up… they start telling everything they know hoping the prospects will want to join and do what they are doing… telling and selling) But Jessica resits her temptation to puke info (sales talk) all over Mary and chooses to follow the system instead.

So Jessica replies to Mary’s question with… I’m working with Doctor so and so… she will be taking and answering questions at my place tomorrow at 7PM the Doctor will reveal a new substance known as SRB that will change your energy and your life…

You have to attend our little get together and listen to what Doctor so and so has to say. Promise me you’ll be here because I have limited seating and I need to know right now if I should reserve the last seat for you or give it to one of my co-workers from my regular day job. I wanted to offer you this opportunity first, do you want me to reserve you a seat or should I scratch you off my invitation list?

Mary says… tell me more… Jessica resists the temptation to sell knowing her job is to be the 30 second invitation/commercial to the 30 minute sales presentation that she does not give herself because the doctor does it.

It would take me 2 hours to try to explain everything myself. Would you prefer to book a 2 hour appointment with me or would you rather attend Dr So and So’s 30 minute presentation? You need to decide right now because I have to end our call to dial into my conference call.

Now, Mary doesn’t know what the name of the company or product is. All she knows is it’s something called SRB and when she googles the doctor she finds there are several doctors with that name. To satisfy her curiosity she has to come hear the expert speak.

So Mary attends the 30 minute event, Jessica gives everyone a sample of the product so they can feel it work and she then dims the lights, turns on her flat screen and plays the doctors recorded presentation. At the end she puts the doctor onto a speakerphone (I just enable my iPhones Bluetooth connected to a Jaba Solemate Speaker) so the audience can talk to the Doctor who will answer ant questions about the product for you.

After that the doctor turns the meeting back over to Jessica and her sponsor Sharon. Sharon quickly explains that the product is sold via Network Marketing but with a twist…. Sharon looks at Mary and says… Mary… what did Jessica do tonight?

Mary says… not much, she invited me to listen to Dr So and So but all she did tonight was passed out the samples and she listened to the doctor speak. Sharon says… Mary… If Jessica and I help you… do you think that you can do what Jessica did for you? Mary says… sure I can. You mean all I all to do is introduce people to Doctor So and So? I don’t have to try to explain and sell the product myself? Sure I can do that.

Do you see the difference a system and process can make? People join MLM because they want more time, money and health. They do not join because they want to sell. People quit MLM because they don’t want to sell. So if their upline just tells them to go talk to more people and sell them on joining the business or sell the products… duplication stops. That’s why it’s so important to have a simple, proven system to follow and teach others to use it.

One other thing prospects are thinking but seldom say is… I don’t want to call anyone I know about this… and I’m scared of approaching strangers so how will I be able to do this? Well, that’s actually pretty simple to solve… it’s part of my Secret Sauce System Icing that I reserve for the people in my downline.

But I just lost one of my Nautropaths yesterday because the vitamin D in my health and wellness product is derived from the oil from wool. He said everything else about the product is perfect but he can't promote it because that source of vitamin D is not vegan.

Talk about being extreme... Even PETA is less extreme... Here's what PETA has to say about vegan products...

While we hope this list proves helpful, we also want to emphasize that no one can avoid every single animal ingredient. Being vegan is about helping animals, not maintaining personal purity. Boycotting products that may contain trace amounts of animal products can actually be harmful to animals in the long run. For example, by refusing to eat a veggie burger from a restaurant because the bun may contain traces of milk or eggs, you are discouraging that restaurant from offering vegan options because it is seems too difficult a task.

I like for my company and product to be perfect but there's wool oil in the vitamin D so it's as good an excuse to pass by this opportunity as a bad moon on your left. But, I have to respect his choice to be 110% vegan. He also wrote some interesting books that he is giving away at: http://www.completefamilyhealing.com/ If you know anyone with cancer or want to take steps to help your children from ever getting cancer, download the free books and music while you can. I haven't read them myself yet but his Billion Dollar Give-A-Way page does makes sense.


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