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December 31, 2014, 08:44 AM
Here's what I teach my MLM downline distributors to do to sell weight loss programs.

Secret: "You teach the cold market where to place you in their minds".

So brand yourself as a weight loss expert.

How to become an expert? Simple... go to your public library and read one or two weight loss books each week. It all boils down to 'eat less - exercise more' anyway. Only you have a secret sauce that makes dieting go down easier. The real secret to weight loss is developing the mental toughness to stick to a diet. See:http://www.fatloser.com/ Same mental toughness it's going to take for you to execute my simple system below...

Capture peoples names, emails and phone numbers online and offline using bait like:
Drop your business card into the fish bowl to win a Free 30 day supply of our New,
Delicious Weight Loss Shakes.

Call each person and say: Sorry you didn't win the 30 day supply, but I can give you some info on our program and let you try a free sample so you can taste just how yummy and filling our new weight loss shakes are.

BTW... Are you in front of your computer? Go to google, type in Joe Marketer Weight Loss Expert and tell me what you see?

You own the entire first page of google because you spent 10 days branding yourself writing articles and creating pages of content that google will show when you tell them what to type into the search box.

Also.... collect testimonials... before and after pictures of your customers who got results with your products. And if you are fat.... great.... use your weight loss products to help you to consume less calories and turn off the computer and go walk around town all day to burn fat... place your weight loss fish bowls on counter tops of stores... (if anyone wants to know what to say to get store managers to agree to display them contact me) and have before and after pictures of yourself to show.

Teach 10 people in your city to duplicate your actions and within a year your organization could circle the globe with several thousand distributors/affiliates.

All of this is simple stuff.... but you got to have enough burning desire and mental toughness to do the work.

If you do.... you will make a fortune!

Steve Shulenski
MLM Expert

PS... Even if you are fat, sick and nearly dead... there is a very simple, easy way(I won't give you the secret sauce to doing this in this post) to get 50 people to beg you for a taste of your weight lost products/program because you can borrow someone else's credibility. I did this by recruiting a doctor and a couple of naturopaths into my business so anyone who joins my team will also be in the downline of one of these doctors. Then even a fat, sick person can simply go out and meet people and rave about how doctor so and so is helping them and others and he's speaking to a small group of people at my place tonight at 7pm sharp. Be there to try free samples, talk to the doctor, ask your questions and we'll send you home with a free booklet of weight loss tips by Doctor so and so.

The Secret Sauce Process is so wonderful; because we don't have to sell, we only have to put people on a webinar.
Once you get this process down to reflex level you can write your own check! (http://www.TheLifeStyleMentor.com)

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