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April 6, 2015, 10:14 AM
The responsive wp site looks good. A couple things.
Making a Joomla site responsive is pretty easy, but I suspect you prefer wp so that's why you built new.
Second, the phone number should be visible at the top of the page without doing anything especially on mobile. Not having to look for the number will always increase conversions.
Last you have an image slider at the top of the page. Images with a CTA are better than just pictures for conversions.
Just my thoughts. Regarding the subject line:

I've only sent out a few after the "marathon" of getting it all set up, video recorded, etc over 2 days - Thursday and Friday.

I had planned to start cranking the emails out, but took the weekend off - so I'll be targeting 25 emails per day starting tomorrow - Monday the 6th.

Anyway, what I did send out didn't require subject lines - as I used the submit forms on their websites - so I haven't even crafted an email subject line as of yet.

Regarding split testing:

My hope for this project is really small - so I have no intention of trying to maximize the results - thus no split testing.

I plan to send out 25 emails a day - with the hopes on landing 1 (one) site per month - maybe for 4 to 6 months.

After the 21st, I'll be changing the emails to a "I've tested your website, and you may not be aware of it, but on April 21st, Google made a major change to the search engine result criteria, and your website does NOT meet the NEW Google standards - blah - blah - blah"

I am NOT after a huge successful result.

I'm just looking to capitalize on the "hotness" of the next few months and take advantage of the timing and only do a few sites.

Using Don's wording - I'm after the low hanging fruit, and if you throw enough stuff on the wall and some of it will stick :-)

Regarding "sample" sites.

Since I am only after a SMALL number of interested clients, I don't see the need to try and do "sample" sites.

IF someone responds, my thoughts are to just tell them that I will "match" as closely as possible their existing site with a new WordPress responsive site.

I'm just finishing up one now that I had already been doing before Don's post - as I knew the owner of a business here in Cedar City - so I plan to follow the same pattern.

My clients existing website is http://rustysranchhouse.com.

It is a Joomla based website.

I rebuilt it by purchasing a domain name for this project - so that the exisiting site could stay in place while I re-created a WordPress mobile friendly version.

The NEW WordPress version is currently located at http://restaurant-test-site-2.com/

That's where I built the NEW version. I am about to move it on to the existing site - overwriting and replacing the non-mobile friendly Joomla version.

I will then be adding some new features to it and doing some SEO as well for the client over the next few months.

Hope that makes sense.

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