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Don Alm
April 5, 2015, 06:14 PM
When DudaMobile first came out I LOVED it. I could do what John just mentioned; Go to Duda, bring up a website and have it ......
1) Show what the site looks like NOW
2) What it can look like on a mobile device

The MAIN thing I didn't like about "Mobilizing" the websites I did was....."trying to SATISFY" my clients.

The TIME it took to ....."can you change this" or "change that" or myriads of other "details"! Drove me half-nutso SO....I decided to create a "Mobile Directory" where twas ME.....who chose the colors and how the Listings looked with NO "changes" from participants.

However....this "April 21" deadline can be a good "motivator" for some site owners....others probably won't care so....."go for the Low-Hanging Fruit" while the fire's hot! One of my sayings is; "Toss enough stuff at a wall and some of it's gonna stick!"

Don Alm

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