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April 4, 2015, 08:15 PM
Okay - yesterday I decided to try a different twist that Don posted - with the idea of maybe making a few bucks with the upcoming Google mobile search changes that will be taking effect on April 21st.

So I created a new website called GoogleMobileTestingServices.com

I then built a main page - but cloned it and customized it for each client that is a prospect.

I created a short "generic" video that is on each "customized" page for the potential client to watch.

I then just searched for potential clients by searching for a niche/city.

My first one was:
cedar city plumber

I then took the websites that were listed - and one by one tested them in the Google Mobile Tester.

Those that failed - I did a screen shot and uploaded it to my customized webpage.

I then created a pre-written email and plugged the customized webpage into it.

Notice that the link in the email has THEIR NAME IN IT.

Notice the TIMER at the top of the page.

Here's the email for my first one that I just sent out:


Just wanted to update you about the upcoming changes needed by April 21, 2015 with regards to your website.

Here's your link with all the information.


John Palma

Or email me at:


Now - I'm just sitting here cranking them out.

The great thing is I don't have to go into a local business - I can do this in ANYTOWN USA!

Will let y'all know how it goes.

P.S. I know there's probably an easier way to do it - but I am who I am - and this is the "Palma" version :-)

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