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Don Alm
April 7, 2015, 04:51 PM
Hey John.....2 questions;

1) What are you charging to "Mobilize" a website?
2) The "Rustys Ranch House Video" is Great! What you charging for "Restaurant Videos"?

I started out by having a guy make a Sample Restaurant Video DVD (check it out....it's FIVE YEARS OLD....

I then bought a Portable DVD Player.....put in the Sample DVD and proceeded to visit restauarants....find the owners and show them my Sample DVD....offering to put it on the Internet Ranked for the NAME of their biz!

I'd EMPHASIZE that Diners DON'T SEE your great Interior UNTIL THEY'RE INSIDE!

Then, when they'd ask "How Much?".....I'd tell them, "I don't know until I take some photos of your place, especially the Interior...and see what comes out."

So....I have my camera with me and can take some photos with NO OBLIGATION! All I need is your Permission!" Which they'd usually give me.

Then....when I made a DVD using PS3 and went back to show the owners... they'd have me run it a few times.....I'd then quote my price of $497 to put the video on their website and....an additional $300 to Rank the Video for the NAME of their restaurant.

Nowadays I just use my LapTop and no need to bother with DVDs.

Also.....I'm charging more nowadays to Take the Photos and Make a Video AND.....by going up to "Yelp.Com" or YP.com....I can grab some "Positive Reviews" .....put them on a page ot 2 or 3 in the video. This REALLY GRABS restaurant owners!

Because I now have a Portfolio I can get $1,200 for the Video and $1,500 to Rank for Biz Name.

Re: "Making sites "Mobile Friendly"....I've heard of some charging $500 and others charging $1500 and More. Not sure yet until I get out on "The Field-Of-Battle".

So.....I'm curious as to what you're charging to Mobilize. You can send me an email (donalm@charter.net)

Don Alm.....True "Warrior"

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