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June 15, 2015, 07:21 PM
What exactly is the business getting? Say I'm a landscaper, I get 50 5x7 glossy postcards (ok so far)

a list of each business for that particular neighborhood...but most of my landscaping is in the suburbs, there aren't any businesses in that neighborhood.

How many others are on the list? Do I get a bigger ad? Why would I not just leave my own card? I would NOT pay an ongoing fee for these referrals, what happens when I run out of postcards, do you supply more? And are they free to me, or do I pay to be on it too?

Sounds kind of messy and not very well thought out.

Can you explain it better?

Idea is to put together groups of non-competing home service companies(landscaper, house cleaner, pool cleaner, etc.) for a cross-referral new customer lead program in specific neighborhoods/areas.

Each business would get 50 5x7 glossy postcards with a list of each business for that particular neighborhood to leave behind when they service their current customers in that neighborhood.

Something like..."We serviced your home today!"...and "Looking for other high-quality home service companies in NAME OF NEIGHBORHOOD?"...call or email us at MY NUMBER or MY EMAIL ADDRESS and get 20% off your first service(s)!".

I would distribute each lead ongoing.

Each company would pay $19.95/month to participate and get UNLIMITED, WARM, word of mouth new customer referrals.

Your thoughts are appreciated- thanks!!

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