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January 3, 2016, 06:35 AM
Great to hear from you Man,

How are things in Mumbai?

I've always been curious about how 16 million people live
with so many sacred cows. (All that beef would be Barbecue in the USA.)

A friend did some consulting there
and Judy says big traffic jams were caused by "Sacred Cows"
in the road.

PERSONALLY - You guys are helping me
keep my computer running.

Big Business Btwn The USA and India today.

My Apple Support guy.

James - turned out to be Ankit.

He changed his name to make Americans more Comfortable.

Each month - so many viruses pile up on my Apple Macintosh
it slows to a CRAWL.
I call up and get a TECH expert to clean them out.

Bought a LIFETIME contract.

Cheaper than one at a time help.

I spoke to the Owner of This one Apple Support Firm
and he is buying property in Panama. (Wallowing in loot.)

Lots and Lots of Apple Support Companies
are running in the background to keep all our APPLE Devices running.


P.S. - I have not spoken to Dr. Gary North in a long while.


On Stage before I gave my little presentation - after his.

He told me, "I'm in the best business there is in the world. Because if the
World ENDS none of my b-uyers is coming after me. And If things Turn out
WELL - All of my buyers are basically HAPPY!"

P.P.S. - Funny thing about Gary.

He types with TWO fingers.

If you meet him, ask him to hold up his hands. The two BENT fingers are
his typing fingers!

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