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December 11, 2015, 02:16 PM
I noticed all the missing posts and thought maybe you'd packed up and left town.
Glad you're ok. Thought some of those posts may have had some value but it's your call.

We do this every year, and I try to be respectful, but many posts are dated or irrelevant, like who is or isn't resigning from some other forum type thing.

The Bonner/North crowd sell into fear. That's how they make their money.

Fear sells. Insurance, water purifiers, guns, supplements... and politicians. Just read where Cruz is using data mining and pyschographic profiles to boost his campaign.

That's also what Trump (a financial deadbeat) is doing. He is riding the fear hype wave, distracting attention from where it should be, while the media controls the spin.

Please elucidate as to the where?

Trump's a master of propaganda. No one does it better.

No argument here.

In the wings waits the dragon lady, biding her time. Her lust for power knows no bounds.
Lying and much worse, is a way of life for her and her 'ahem', hubby.

Once again, a choice between a turd and a sheet sandwich?

There's one thing I can guarantee. At the end of Trump's or dragon lady's rainbow, is a lot less freedom than we currently enjoy, higher taxes/debt and war.

My opinion, it doesn't matter who sleeps in the White House, this is coming sooner rather than later.

Pick your poison carefully this political season. May be the last time you'll have the chance to do so.

You could be right, as right as Bill Bonner, we'll have to let it play out.

Different day, SOS. AGREED!


Yes, we have always had the fear mongerers, and in the Ayn Rand tradition, many marketers have said, "take their money before they give it to someone else"...

And are skilled in crafting the promotions of fear.

But, the reality, as hown on the SQ1 is our destiny is death...and when or if we acknowledge the outcome, it might make it easier to get on with living a life sans fear, or admiration of any man.

My dad made me clean the bathroom in the barber shop after the richest guy in town took a dump.

And the lesson was not lost on me...even rich guy's sheet STINKS although there are many one encounters who don't believe theirs does.

Fear no man. He can only kill you.


PS. And pack a glock just in case he tries.

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