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December 12, 2015, 02:28 PM
Isn't it amazing that your source of news (or lack of it) determines how happy you are?

Thanks Ankesh.

Delving deeper is always a good thing, my early teacher had a saying, "consider the source" and what they get from being the source.

As for your blanket statement, it needs qualifiers.

News, has almost no impact on my feelings, and for most of the businessmen I know, has zero affect on them.

My thinking is there are only 14 million Americans out of 240 million who even care about the news, especially from the Beltway.

It is only because Networks have so many pundits, and need to fill up time with talking heads, that we get the so called news we do.

Disasters will give us pause, Katrina, Tsunami, AIRPLANE crashes.

But ... many, many are so self involved, they are oblivious to the world.

Then you have the "please think for me" types that tune into Rush, Glenn and Maher to get their daily reaffirmations.

They are affected by the daily news and their chosen filters.

We live in a time where X-files believer, Fox Mulder' mantra, Trust No One, may be right on the money.

If we accept that news organizations today deliver just facts, and report events without bias, then we have only ourselves to blame when delving deeper reveals the aliens already living on our skin, disguised as mites, waiting for the call, to collectively take over our bodies...true, I saw it on a TV news show.


The other day, I read in the news that Japan's GDP is shrinking. Japan is in a recession again. Their policies are not working and what not.

But then I dug in deeper and found that Japanese people are a lot happier today than before. Their GDP is decreasing because their population is decreasing.

Standard of living for people is still going up. But not a single news outlet mentioned that. No one mentions positives anymore.

Isn't it amazing that your source of news (or lack of it) determines how happy you are?

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