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December 10, 2015, 04:14 PM
Let's add some reality to the fear. Go to:


and see what you think. Oh, and don't forget the Robert Dear's of the world.

And, of course, our dear friend Nancy Pelosi. She actually said California's gun control laws didn't keep the terrorists from obtaining guns so that is why we need national gun control.

My point you ask. Look at the fruitcakes we put in charge and I think you will quickly see the real problem.

By the way, who is the second most important prophet in Islam? He is actually number one and a half if you believe the Qoran.

Yep, and the world keeps spinning. Here's the answer to Agora and Bonner and the myriad of horse **** he touts: http://stockgumshoe.com

Travis Johnson tells you the stocks these financial fear mongerers tease along with a very good review of that company. I am not associated with the pub or the editor.

For those of us old enough to remember, I remind you of Howard Ruff. Yep, fear sells.

Of course, you could always go to any of our universities and claim your very own safe space. That should give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

Can't wait to read what else Gordon has up his pleated sleeve.


The DR is Bill Bonner's battleship in his fleet of financial pubs. He fires off salvos across the bows of the yachts, big and small, of the haves.

The Wolfpacks of Wall St.

Guns and Ammo is the most popular of the 2nd amendment rights rags.

First, some facts, before I delve into the fight, DR vs. G&A.

The attack in San Bernardino. The attackers almost matched the carnage of Eagle Boy Scout and Marine sharpshooter, Charles Whitman who killed 17 people and wounded 31.

They are not even close to the 168 killed and 680 injured in the attack carried out by former Army Sgt., and Bronze Star recipient Timothy McVeigh and his hardship case buddy Terry Nichols, in Oklahoma City.

More facts: 15 of 19 9-11 attackers were Saudis.

Saudi Arabia is the flash point of the coming war, depression and the underlying cause for the the impending cash and credit crisis.*

As for Trump and walls and isolation; it is too late. They, the terrorists are already here. Domestic and foreign.

The opening rounds have gone off.

And when Bonner's credit crisis hits, and he's retreated to his castle in Argentina, having fled the bloodbath he is predicting...

Where does that put his gold?

In an article in the New York Times, they show a spike in gun sales after a mass shooting, mainly because of the talk of gun restriction, and the Right's social program of NO GUN LEFT BEHIND.

So if Bonner is right, and the credit crisis becomes as dire as he predicts, and he has left the building for castles unknown, what will the rest of us be doing?

IF you have the Guns and Ammo, you will have the google map and the terrain scouted where the gold hoarders live and you will help yourself to their gold and year's supply of food and water.

In an ironic twist, the armed gangs will be practicing their own version of the Have's OBJECTIVISM, as touted in their Bible, Atlas Shrugged.

The thugs will practice a rational self-interest and self survival methodology rivaling the escapes and retreats of the rich.

That leaves the holed up survivalists, who have plenty of food, water, guns and ammo and a fortress. They will hunker down.

Well, that leaves the rest of us, either the unprepared, or those who will still believe in humanity and make their time meaningful with an idea in their heads that surviving and fleeing from a crisis is not worth the cost of giving up your soul.

This is a grim pic of the doom and gloom to come if Bonner is right, and he touts a pretty good track record on disasters (and prospering from them)...makes you wonder if there is an Illuminati or Cabal setting things in motion for their own financial gain.

Well, in addition to the above food for thought...

this is the time of the year I do some forum housekeeping, pruning and trimming our Bonsai forum, snipping out old posts which are not relevant, and I think no precious babes were tossed out with the bathwater.

We've got about 2 weeks to Christmas, and next week I'll have a very limited number, a very few... Holiday Packages, in the 250 and 500 dollar range, which will be do it for you packages, along with some surprises.

Yes, I read the financial pubs, Agora to Gartman, Weiss to Stansberry...as well as reloader express, some Gary North, et al.,

And I'll be reviving my doom, gloom and bliss blog on a PRIVATE forum.

Let's call it the Trump effect.

Opposite of Greenspan's "Irrational Exuberance"... we have entered the era of irrational fear mongering.

Gordon Jay Alexander

* More on the Saudi situation later.

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