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March 14, 2016, 08:20 AM
First, a tip of the hat to Warrior Forum member, ewenmack, who posted in the Off Line Sub forum a concept which gave me an Ah-Ha moment.

It was a re framing of an old idea, in the Parade of Life concept and within the Square One Workshops, I referred to this as a

Predisposed Susceptibility,

ewenmack wrote about PRE EXISTING MOTIVATIONS.

OK, see on the PictoGrigm Of Persuasion, your TARGET is in a bubble of preoccupation and going down her own track.

My old world concept was to get on her track and let her run you over.

The re framing for me is to keep in mind that MOTIVATION is

"to move" (thanks Latin class, which I hated).

In selling, you want to motivate your prospect to become your customer, and you move them through the old AIDCAS process from attention to a satisfied customer.

The quickest sales method is to find a starving crowd and sell them food, ala Gary Halbert's hamburger meataphor.

Hungry people have a predisposed susceptibility TO the promise of satisfaction...

the smell often is enough to get a customer. (Tested and proven during my demo days.)

So Biff the Bully comes along and the kids in the Soda Fountain either leave, try to ignore or become part of his posse.

Not too many Marty McFlys out there.

During the Weimar Republic, chaos ruled, but there was a group, mostly veterans, who had a "predisposed susceptibility" to Nationalism, many of whom, including Hitler, who felt politicians had stabbed them in the back during WWI.

Which brings us back to Biff Trump and Warren Blair's one sentence persuasion idea...

Encourage their dreams...
Justify their failures...
Allay their fears...
Confirm their suspicions...
Throw rocks at common enemies...

And the rocks have become real.

The Biffer's Mastermind Group knows persuasion technique, especially of the Nationalist kind...which has worked since man has declared land rights.

So, we can learn a lot, especially about our own thinking and note our own predilections to observe how they are being used on us.

I like the idea of Pre Existing Motivation, and the HOW to use it in business and in marketing.

It is much easier to sell prenatal vitamins to a 22 yeard old woman who is pregnant (like me for a few years, or so the data collectors thought)...

than to a 66 year old man.

TARGET your prospects with precision, and get on their track, and get run over with profits.

Gordon Jay

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