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April 10, 2016, 11:52 AM
There is a shortcut. A fast way to get results.

You don't need years of study to master it. You do, however, need to have a functioning brain, and be able to think.

THE shortcut to writing persuasive copy which gets people to take action is this:

KNOWING all people are preoccupied and self-involved, you write to their preoccupations.

Sometimes the product directly addresses their preoccupation, sometimes you need to break their surface thinking (what to order for lunch) and get into their deeper thoughts (what I want from life)...

THE shortcut is then using their own automatic response mechanisms which allow your words to resonate at a visceral level.

So, you begin to write your copy with a mission statement, something like this:

Knowing that Mary, my avatar prospect, is a 30 something single female who is preoccupied with finding a mate/partner and has shown a history of buying certain products or services which she feels will help her...

then I will write

to Mary's concerns,


which will automatically bypass the Reticular Activating System's (RAS) filter and harmonize with her deeper desires...

Once I have engaged Mary at this deeper level, then I will help lead herself to the well in the desert she has been looking for and let her discover the well on her own,

so she comes to her own conclusion about the need for the solution I am offering.

BEGIN with this simple mission statement concept, and build your copy out from that.

Although there could be layers and layers of psychology involved, to put it in layman's terms...

Help Mary get what SHE wants. (THE mission statement).

As soon as you get this, your copywriting success will soar.

OR, spend thousands of dollars and months and years of time learning how to trick, manipulate, NLP, formula-ize, swipe, study with gurus...as long as you want.

But, the sooner you help Mary get what she wants, the sooner you benefit from your words.


PS. Which is THE reason it is
THE shortcut anyone can take to become an effective copywriter...

but, you have to know what she wants, and get away from what YOU want,

and for most new copywriters, THEY WANT to sell themselves, their services, get their money...

and they get it totally AZZ backwards, which is why they struggle for so long.

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