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February 21, 2017, 01:06 PM
Thanks Dien,

Another Reason Mike Rowe was able to Help Charlotte
sell 26,000 boxes of GirlScout Cookies is TRUST.

His 4 Million customer list
TRUST him to.

Entertain them.

Not waste their time.

Mike didn't let them down.

He told this charming story - read a Truthful Letter by a little girl
who wanted to send girl scout cookies to our troops.

So We have a Mix of -

"Enthusiasm - by Mike

"Trust by 4 Million customers

"Patriotism - (Shared Charlotte and Mikes Viewers)

"Integrity by a little Girl" - Which seems in short supply in USA Politics and
Business (Based on the # of politicians and biz leaders WE READ ABOUT being Fired by Their Board of Directors OR locked up)

A MIX of Emotional Elements took Mikes short video VIRAL.


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