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April 26, 2017, 07:12 PM
1.) Chattel or flipping in general. I was going to ask if you considered doing an updated course on chattel, but I just read your post about maybe not writing anymore reports. If you decide to, I think a new chattel course would be well received. No one else really writes about it.
2.) Importing and exporting. A lot of marketers and "gurus" are selling info about importing products(usually from China) and selling them at their online stores(e-commerce). Do you have any thoughts or recommendations on this topic? Or importing/exporting in general?
3.) Writing for profit, or even to make a living- travel writing, e-books, copy writing, self publishing, etc.
In the last ten years or so, I've noticed a lot of marketers selling courses, membership to sites, e-books, webinars about writing for profit. A lot of the promotion is about becoming a copywriter. I'm really not interested in becoming a freelance copywriter until I can write copy for my own products, and even then probably wouldn't have much interest. I believe Jim Straw addressed the issue of freelance copy writing by saying that before you charge others to write copy you should be able to write good copy for your own products. Plus, there's so many copywriters out there already-both wannabes & pros.
4.) Additional fly low type businesses or activities that you may not have mentioned very much on your forum.
5.) How to profit from liquidations, surplus, and closeouts.
6.) Investments- stocks, real estate, notes, ...
7.) Any other sites, forums, authors, courses that are similar to your fly low approach.
8.) Anyone like Jim Straw, Melvin Powers, Dean Duvall, etc that is still active that you recommend.
9.) Your favorite self improvement/motivational books/Cd's, sites, authors, etc.

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